Something funny at the side of my mouth
Try not to let it show
Guess I'll have to let my teeth out
And a smile will have to show

Hey now look there's a twinkle in my eyes
Can't keep this thing down
Gonna have to let go, let this smile show
Sure does beat a frown

C: Happy yeah cock-a hoop
Feel like flying gonna loop the loop
Happy yeah scream and shout
H.A.P.P.Y. come on, let it out.

Feeling spreads from my head to my toes
Ain't no stopping me now
Wanna jump and shout, let the feeling out
Grow, baby grow.

M8: Too damn easy, if you're feeling down
To gather the clouds, put on a frown
Poor old me, nothing going right.
Nobody cares, nobody knows
As a tear tracks down past my nose
Wallowing here in my doom and gloom.

Pack your troubles in your old kit bag
We've chased the clouds away
Blue birds flying, there's no denying
We're gonna have a happy day.