It started off as a gentle rain, but with each day it came again
The water rose before our eyes, although a fact, our hearts deny.

My heart is glad you're safe and sound, that we both found the higher ground
One tiny problem that I can see, you're on a different shore from me.

Flow like water, flow like wine, flow together, will you be mine?
Flow like water, flow like wine, fill me up, heart of mine.

River of mud, it rushes through. Cuts like a knife 'tween me and you.
Two simple things; water and mud, two separate worlds, islands in the flood.

With each day I worry more, does my song reach your distant shore?
For every moment we're apart, do I grow fonder to your heart?


Time has passed, the world's moved on, mud is dry, water's gone.
Time to decide where you belong, won't you join me in my song?