Be a man one day.

From the day I was born, wanted to be a man
Don't want no childhood, growing just as quick as I can
I don't want to play, I'm just wishing away the days
Wanna be like my Daddy was in so many ways

I worked hard at school, was nobody's fool
Knowledge is power you see, no one will better me.
Don't need no friends. But as a means to an end
I'd fool 'em and use them up, then find a new fool to butter-up

C: I got the wrong skin, got the wrong shape
How'd I get in here? Please help me escape.
Somebody, somewhere surely can
Change this girl into a man. (Repeat)

It's hard to explain, what's going on in my brain
I know what I'm not, but I want it all the same.
Keep my hair cut tight, then it feels just right
Go to sleep wishing every night, wake up a man in the morning light.

Could try the surgeon's knife, whittle me a new life.
That happy ending's not really me, couldn't chose me a wife you see.
Why did Daddy have to go? Guess I'll never really know.
I wonder if he'd say, 'Hey girl you'll be a man one day!'